Exhibition & Event Carpets

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  VIENESE Velour carpet

Needlepunch (P-Pet)                                  Premium Velour

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Premium Grass Carpets

Short Light  Short Natural

    Short Light (8mm)                                                        Short Natural (8mm)


Long Light  Long Natural

     Long Light (30mm)                                                     Long Natural (30mm)

Eventape Double Side Cloth Tape

Authorized Distributor

Eventape is designed specially for use with exhibtion carpets.

Eventape Double Sided Tape

High Adhesion to carpet & floor surfaces

No Residue after removal

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Exhibition Carpets

Fast exhibiton carpet installation with lowest costs. We provide the best exhibtion carpet solutions for all customized events up to large scale exhibitions.

Exhibition carpets are subjected to heavy traffic wear. Especially the carpets that are along the aisle. Organizers and their customers demand their carpets to be in optimal condition at the commencement of the opening and keep up till the last visitor leaves the venue. Hence, good craftsmanship together with the correct materials ensure the carpets maintain their elegance throughout the exhibtion period.

The preferred choice of exhibition carpets is a synthetic material called Polypropylene and is also known as Olefin or P-Pet at certain countries. It is also called needlepunch carpets named after the manufacturing process in which it is produced. It has the amazing properties of high resilience to wear & abrasive contacts, stains & moisture and retards static buildup. It is color fast and the most cost effective material for use in exhibitions and events.

VIENESE Exhibition Carpet

VIENESE Exhibition Carpet

Carpet installation involves an experienced combination of good craftsmanship, carpet and adhesives. For exhibition and events, the carpet installations are mostly temporary and the site is required to be returned to the original state. Adhesives that are not suitable will leave stains that are undesirable to the site owners. It is therefore imperative to use adhesives that do not leave residue stains. However, adhesives that are less probable to staining may not adhere well with the carpets. Hence, a correct delicate balance between the choice of carpets and adhesive is required for a lasting effect.

Installation for large exhibtion hall

Exhibition carpet connoisseurs are the first to move into the jobsite. The floor is marked out by threads according to plan by trained marking personels and this forms the basis for all works.

Suntec Hall 6b

Exhibition Hall before setup

Afterwhich the required coloured carpets are installed for the booths first. The electricians & structures move in almost immediately and work in tandem. A fast carpet booth completion is a good indication of experienced installation.

Suntec Hall Booth C

Booth carpet installed first so that structures can be setup

Exhition aisle carpet is installed last after major setup works are completed. Protective plastic films are also put in place to preserve the appearance of the carpet before show opening.

Aisle setup after major works are completed

Aisle carpet installed after major works are completed

The protective plastic films are removed just before show is about to commence. Our Carpet Connoisseurs will walk through all areas before reviewing a final round with the customer.

Suntec Completed Hall E

Completed Exhibition Hall Carpet

100,000 square feet exhibition site above, with only 2 days from start of marking out the floor to carpet completion. VIENESE Carpet Connoisseurs pride themselves as being the fastest in this exhibition hall carpet setup.

Upon end of the event, all stakeholders move in to tear down their respective areas and exhibition carpet connoisseurs are the last to dismantle the installed carpets. The carpet connoisseurs also help to ensure the job site is handled back to the owners in its original pristine condition.


Reasons for choosing VIENESE (Pronounced same as “Venice”)

  • Lowest costs. Achieved through a worldwide procurement network for materials & efficient operational expense (OPEX) business model .


  • Experienced carpet connoisseurs to advise on project executions & designs. Avoid pitfalls by engaging us early during project planning.


  • Familiarity at all major shopping malls & exhibition sites in Singapore. Ensures smooth project executions & minimal issues during transitions.


  • Quality service support round the clock. No carpet stays perfect, but we strive to keep it that way all the time.